National Directorate of NGO
( Project of Nigeria NGOs Initiative 2020 )
7th February, 2016
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Our Profile

This website is aimed at promoting and exposing viable and potential NGOs in Nigeria , whose services are paramount to the Nigerian populace before the year 2020.

Their existence as NGOs in Nigeria will promote, support, help and coordinate a lot of viable projects that will help the common man and rural communities in particular. 

They will also help in conversing and enlightening the people on major events or functions that can enhance their environment and the day to day activities, which relates to health, environment, agriculture, education and human development. 

These NGOs will support in the eradication of poverty, HIV-AIDS, educate and create awareness on health, agriculture and educational development in Nigeria . 

These NGOs can assist or are already assisting the International and National Donor Agencies in implementing their projects and programmes Nationwide. 

The appearance or existence of any NGO in this website indicates acceptance and recognition by the Federal, States or Local Government Council in Nigeria as a duly registered and recognized NGO.

Towards Developing & Promoting Potential NGOs In Nigeria by 2020

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